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Articles in this archive cover versions of Delphi from 1 through 7, and all versions of Windows.  Many of the lessons that can be learned even from the earlier articles are still valid today.  Where an article is limited to, or needs special attention when used with, any particular version or OS  we have tried to indicate this on the page.

If you would like to write an article for the benefit of others, email us at articles@delphicorner.f9.co.uk - look forward to hearing from you!

      Application Issues

How to "Time Out" an Application
Building Query By Form Applications

Hiding an Application from the Taskbar and Windows and Creating a System Tray Application

Add a Menu Item to an Application's System Menu
Handling Previous Instances of an Application
Working with Files of Records
Trapping Messages Sent to an Application
Launching a Program at Windows Startup
Flashing the Taskbar Button of an Application


Controlling a Form's Visibility at Runtime
Creating a Captionless Form
Creating a "Roll-up" Form
Creating Weird Shaped Forms
Sizing any Form to Fill the Screen w/o Maximizing
How can I put a button on a form's caption bar?
Data Entry:Automagically Moving the Cursor from Field to Field
Controlling a TCommonDialog Window at Runtime
Getting rid of the initial flash of a WS_MAXIMIZE child
Controlling a TCommonDialog
Give Your Forms a Background
Making Secondary Forms Independent of the Main Form
Creating Shaped Forms

    Components: Design and Usage

A Simple Property Editor
An Enhanced TQuery
Extending Functionality Through Inheritance
Creating a Component at Runtime
Implementing Object Persistence with Streams
Dragging and Dropping Info between Components
Creating an Array of Components
Highlighting a Row in a DBGrid
Putting a TDBLookupComboBox in a Grid
Resizing the Drop-down List of a TComboBox

     Database Programming

Running Queries in Threads
Fixing "Index Out of Date" Error
Using two Data Controls to display Data Source and Table data
Controlling the Field Display in a TDBGrid
Creating a Table at Runtime
Using the LocalSQL SubString() Function
Copying a Paradox Table
Using SQL2 Built-in Functions
Sorting a Table with the BDE
SQL Statements On the Fly
Reading a Field's Value into a TStrings Property
Using Paradox Tables on Read-Only Media
Adding a Master Password to a Paradox Table
Dropping SQL Server Tables Using Delphi
Packing a Paradox or dBase Table
Various SQL / MS SQL Server Routines
Distributing the BDE with your application



   Waiting for Threads
   Running Queries in Threads
   Creating threads straight from the WinAPI
   How to interrupt a thread's execution
   Thread Synchronization through Critical Sections

Generating Random Numbers
Variant Records
Delphi 2.0+ Math Unit Explained
The Various Sections of a Type Declaration
Printing a Memo
Creating Dynamic Arrays
TFileStream: Saving List Box Data at Runtime
Copying Files in Delphi
Getting the Number of records from a Fixed-length ASCII file

   Windows API

Passing String Parameters to WinAPI Functions
Getting File System Information
Determining the Version of Windows You're Running
Using CreateProcess to Execute Programs
Preventing an Application from Closing
Setting the System Date and Time
Limitations in the TIniFile Object
Programmatically Preventing a Form From Resizing
Getting the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name of a file
Forcing a TCombo to Drop Its List Down
Disabling the Screen Saver at Runtime
Disabling System Keys from Your App
Getting and Monitoring the Caps Lock Status

    General Progamming/Misc./Neat Stuff

Adding Lines to a TStrings Object
Working with Text Files
Using Delphi to Learn Programming
Copying Files in Delphi
Manipulating the Buttons in a TRadioGroup
Doing Incremental Searches with a TListBox
Pulling Digits Out of a String to Sum Them
Simple Animated Bit- and SpeedButtons
Parsing the Words of a String
Opening and Closing a CD Tray
Adding Drag & Drop to a TListBox
Getting the length of a Wav file
Controlling Margins when printing from a RichEdit
Understanding what files are and choosing a Delphi file type - Part 1
Understanding what files are and choosing a Delphi file type - Part 2
Understanding what files are and choosing a Delphi file type - Part 3

Reviews and General Articles

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