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The list here is a collection of links that I consider to be pretty good. Mind you, if your site isn't listed, it doesn't mean that I think it's bad. I probably just haven't had time to see it yet, or I don't know about it. Also, links that were here before but are no longer listed are not here because the URLs are no longer valid. In any case, if you'd like to be listed on this page, or if you find any broken links, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

Related Links

Stuff that is in some way related to this site...

Leads Direct Specialist supplier of leads and cables of all types - Connecting leads and cables for Pro Audio, Music, Computers, AV, Home Cinema, Midi, Fibre Optic, Hi-Fi, Mains, etc. UK Based, Delivery worldwide excluding USA and Canada.

Vertical Software Free Delphi applications and components, web stuff, scripts etc.

Synergy Accounts The latest adventure for our webmaster - an accounting package initially for the UK being written in Delphi that will be easier to use than QuickBooks whilst remaining scalable and amazing value for money. Modular, with a full API in due course...

Resource Links

Places to find resources to aid your coding - everything from Applications to Zoom Controls...

Delphi 3000
  A wealth of articles - aiming for a total of 3,000 or more in due course and well on target at the time of writing - written by Delphi programmers.  Articles are suited to a range of abilities from beginner to expert.  Join for free access to up to 50 articles, or purchase a subscription for unlimited access.

Delphi Basics This web site provides help and reference for the fundamentals of the Delphi language. It is gives an introduction to the Delphi Object Oriented Language for newcomers, and provides a ready reference for experience programmers.

Delphi Central The purpose of this site is to share Delphi programming knowledge amongst the Delphi community by means of Delphi tutorials and articles. The site is currently home to over 50 Delphi programming tutorials.

About Delphi  In depth range of resources including Tips, Articles, Coding Examples, ready to run applications with source code, and a forum if you have not been able to get an answer from ours.....

UNDU (Unofficial Newlestter of Delphi Users) An excellent resource with articles, source code, hints and tips going back as far as 1998.   A huge amount of useful data, and many free components as well!

Delphi Heaven A site dedicated to Delphi by a genuine enthusiast.  Unfortunately not written in English, but with the use of the Google translation tool... many of the articles are in English anyway.

Delphi Pool Another exceptional Delphi Resource, with over 1500 tips at the last count plus articles, components, and much more.  Well worth a visit!!

Richey's Delphi Box  This is brought to us by Richey Fellner. It is definitely a site to go to for its wealth of resource links!

Delphi Super Page  Now hosted by Borland, this is a huge file repository containing components, sample code, and much more.

Delphi Land  Tutorials, Tips, Source Code snippets - lots of useful stuff on this site... your choice of English or Dutch language.

Kirk Gatter's Freeware Page  A work in progress, Kirk offers components, applications and source and intends to keep adding to and improving the page.

Help & Manual   The best Help Authoring tool, with many features of special significance for Delphi users.  Also a range of extremeley useful FREE Delphi components.

Help & Manual Forums   Direct discussion on the best Help Authoring tool.

Commercial Links

Links to people who are selling useful stuff for Delphians!

Common Knowledge A Rules engine written in Delphi. Common Knowledge is different from older rules engine systems in that it does not use a rules language, but the developer's choice of format, such as decision tables and trees.

Team Coherence A software management system for developers - Version Management, Bug Tracking, Issue Management, etc.

TX Text Control   Royalty free Word Processing engine - include it in any application without further payment once you have purchased your license.

NextGrid and NextDBGrid Fantastic Grid components that will revolutionise your coding. I am using them myself, and cannot recommend them enough. NextGrid is available for free download, and the full suite is extremely reasonably priced - a fraction of competing products.

Fun Stuff

Well I like them...

Dilbert Site  Can't live without your daily Dilbert Fix?  Get it here!