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The Delphi Corner, created by Brendan Delumpa, made its debut on the Internet as Brendan's Delphi Corner on the free GeoCities web community back in late 1995. Since then, it has moved firstly to Brendan's own domain where it has enjoyed the review and support of tens of thousands of users the world over and now to its own special location on the net. Even after all this time, we are still glad to provide this free service to the Delphi community.

The site started out as merely a personal project for Brendan to learn the ins and outs of HTML. He chose Delphi as the primary focus of the content because he didn't want to do just another "Hey! this is me!" type of page. And since he knew Delphi pretty well by that time, he figured it would be a good place to start.

Furthermore, he decided to provide a Delphi page as a revolt against the major online services forums, such as the ones on CompuServe. He was sick and tired of seeing threads where people who had questions were subjected to what he considered to be uppity, mean-spirited individuals who had nothing better to do than flame people. Unfortunately, some were either BI employees or TeamBorland members. That really turned him off, so he decided to create an environment that was free of that.

Since he created the site, it has undergone various cosmetic changes, finally evolving to the look and feel you're now experiencing. It used to be just a straight, plain-vanilla, SGML-type of page with no hyperlinks. In fact, it was meant to be merely a newsletter that would be updated. But the Web lends itself to the dissemination of information and the site took on a life of its own.

In 1999 Brendan asked me to moderate the Forum and keep an eye on things, giving help and assistance to visitors. At the end of 1999 we moved the site to a new server in the UK so that I could do more to help out.

Then, Brendan's day job got so he just couldn't spare the time to do all that was necessary for the benefit of users of the site (God knows how I am going to either!) and so I took on the whole project with Brendan as the Senior Contributing Editor. If he finds he has time on his hands I will pass it right back, but for the moment you are stuck with me!

Just recently, in October of 2001, Brendan contacted me and expressed that it was time to update the look of the site to something more modern, and remove a lot of the non-functioning "fluff." What you see here now is the updated look that Brendan came up with for the site.

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Chris Bray, WebMaster