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There are several ways to contact us here at The Delphi Corner.  Please select the most appropriate from the contact points below:


You can interactively leave messages or request help and assistance with Delphi related matters on the Forum - we are always pleased to hear from our readers.  We hope you will also take the time to try to help others by answering any of their questions you can whilst you are there...


Website problems: webmaster@delphicorner.f9.co.uk
Articles for publication: articles@delphicorner.f9.co.uk
Tips for publication: tips@delphicorner.f9.co.uk
Other matters: chrisbray@delphicorner.f9.co.uk  

Snail Mail

If you have a particular reason to contact us by post, you can do so at:

The Delphi Corner, c/o PO Box 112, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2DQ ENGLAND.