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To be the definitive Delphi programming information resource and Delphi programming community builder on the Web.


  1. Provide this service free of charge for all who access the site.
  2. Enhance the content offering by enlisting the help and insight of other visitors, providing means to contribute content in the form of tips and articles and support within the Delphi Corner forum.
  3. Provide ancillary services such as book and product reviews/recommendations to aid other developers.

What this site is: First of all, the Delphi Corner is a content-oriented site. Simply put, the Delphi Corner's focus is on providing written information through tips and articles and technical support. Also, the Delphi Corner was designed to foster community building with the Forum. This may break out into categorical forums - we haven't decided yet - but the point is that knowledge exchange is the key here.

What this site isn't: The Delphi Corner is not a file repository such as the Delphi Super Page. We couldn't compete with that at any level, so we've chosen not to provide any files other than the ones we provide as examples in articles or as utilities for our forum. The feeling behind this is that you either do one or the other: provide information or provide files. If you attempt to do both, it's likely you won't do either very well. It's a lot of work answering questions and writing articles. If I had to take the time to maintain a library, I feel I'd be doing a disservice to our visitors. And I want to avoid that at all costs. That's why Brendan wrote a mission statement and attached specific directives at the top of this page.